Adoption Supplies

Adoption Supplies

pet adoption supplies checklistYou’ll have the opportunity to purchase supplies you need to settle your new pet into your home.


  • Dry dog food.
  • Two ceramic or stainless steel bowls - One for food, one for water. Some dogs are allergic to (and may chew on) plastic bowls.
  • Quick-Snap or buckle collar - Not too big, not too small. Two fingers should fit between your dog's collar and neck. (Puppies will need several collars as they grow - check the sizing every week.)
  • Leash(es) - Sturdy nylon or leather to keep your dog safely under control. You will need a short leash (4-6 feet) for walking and a long one for training and exercise (15-30 feet). If you already have dogs at home, make sure you have at least one leash for each of them.
  • Chew toys - If you don't provide interesting and sturdy chew toys, your dog will find her own!
  • Dog crates - Start your dog on the right path for house training and preventing destructive habits.
  • Baby gate - For confining your dog until he/she is fully crate trained or house trained.
  • Dog bed - Your dog will need a comfortable and warm bed to sleep on.
  • Brush, comb and nail clippers - Every dog should be routinely brushed and nails maintained at an appropriate length.
  • Enzyme Cleaner - To clean up those inevitable accidents during your dog's adjustment period we use and recommend Nature's Miracle.


  • Dry and canned cat food
  • Two ceramic or stainless steel bowls - One for food, one for water.
  • Litter box - And a scoop for cleaning it!
  • Cat litter - We use wood pellets. Young kittens should not use fine, scoopable litter as they sometimes inhale it.
  • Brush, comb and nail clippers - For grooming.
  • Cat bed - Your cat will need a soft, warm spot on which to sleep. We sell cat beds, but a soft piece of blanket or a pillow in a box works fine.
  • Scratching post - To keep their claws groomed and stretch their arm, shoulder, and back muscles.
  • Cat toys - Your cat needs to exercise. Toy mice, feather wands, crinkle balls provide a great outlet for fun and exercise. Your cat will enjoy playing with simple household items too!
  • Quiet room - To help your cat adjust to her new home.


  • Large cage or enclosure
  • Fresh food daily
  • Ceramic crock bowls (2)- Provide fresh pellets and water in ceramic crock bowls.
  • Toys
  • Litter box

For your convenience, the Monadnock Humane Society provides most of these items to start out your new pet ownership right.