Hi everyone! My name is Shaggy. I hung out at Monadnock Humane Society for a while before being adopted by my new FURmily. I decided to start a blog to share my adventures with you! Here goes...

Hi, friends!

Thank you to everyone at Monadnock Humane Society for helping me find my forever home!! I got adopted yesterday (woo hoo) and to celebrate I am sporting a brand new look!!! While my parents were at MHS finalizing the adoption paperwork today, I was in “The Salon” getting treated to a luxurious bath and a great haircut I KNEW I could look this handsome if just given the chance. Dapper, no??!?!? MHS is THE BEST, and thank you so much to everyone at MHS for your terrific care until I found my forever home. I will miss you, will think about your in my dreams, but for now I am chasing chippies and loving the good life here with my new family. AHHH…. Life is good. I can rest easy now. They love me so much, and I love my new home.



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