MHS Training Center Events

Welcome 2017  

We will be adding training events, seminars and trials to this list as they become scheduled.


CDSP Obedience Trials

Sunday, March 5th;  2 Trials

Judges Charlene Swainamer and Rachel Brostrom

Entries close February 24th.  Just a few runs in each trial are still available. Premium is HERE




WCRL Rally Show & Go- Sunday, March 19th  1:00-4:00pm

Pre-Entries are open.  Flyer and entry form are HERE.   Day-of-Show entries will be allowed only in there is room.  Limited to 40 runs.  Level 1, 2 and 3.  $8/run



WCRL Rally Trials 

April 1-2;  Two Trials each day; Judges: Amee Abel, Barb Burri, Dana Chenier and Rachel Brostrom  Entries are open.  Both trials on Saturday are FULL.  Room in Sunday trials only, as of 2/16/2017.   Premium is HERE!

WCRL Rally Trials June 3-4; Two Trials each day; Judges: Amee Abel, Dana Chenier and Charlene Swainamer

WCRL Rally Trials September 30-October 1; Two Trials each day; Judges: Amee Abel, Dana Chenier, Nancy McDonald and Rachel Brostrom

WCRL Rally Trials December 9-10; Single Trial each day--- Our FAMOUS HOLIDAY Trials!  Judges: Barb Burri and Charlene Swainamer

Stay tuned for more exciting training and events at the MHS Training Center