Campus life is stressful. Dogs can make it less so. Our Therapy Dog Volunteers bring their dogs to schools and college campuses throughout the Monadnock region. The wag of a tail; a lick on the nose; suddenly there are smiles and joy and students sharing stories about their own pets back at home.

Stress Reduction Visits

Drummer, the registered Therapy Dog visits with students at Keene State College

Drummer, the registered Therapy Dog visits with students at Keene State College

As the semester ends and deadlines loom, college students tank up on coffee, pull all-nighters, and describe themselves as agitated, depressed, overwhelmed, and stressed. Counselors at Keene State College and Franklin Pierce University prescribe a dose of puppy love to help relieve these conditions.  Monadnock Humane Society’s Therapy Dog Volunteers filled the ‘script by bringing their dogs to visit this week.

Since 2009, Monadnock Humane Society Therapy Dog Volunteers have visited local colleges to help students get a break from academic pressures during Finals Week.  Our teams see an average of 400-500 students at each campus we visit.

Other schools in the area that invite the dogs for stress reduction include Marlborough College (Marlborough, VT) and Northfield Mount Hermon (Northfield, MA.)

Paws to Play

In collaboration with Keene State College's Counselling Center, MHS Therapy Dog Volunteers help freshmen make the transition to college life. Every Thursday night throughout the fall, our dogs visit with the students. The dogs pose for umpteen selfies. They trade tricks for treats. They cuddle into laps and wag their tails and listen as the kids talk to our volunteers about...well,  about just about everything.

img_20151214_130454311Paws to Play is a groundbreaking pilot program designed to help students make it through some big changes. Living away from home can be hard. Roommates can be challenging. Professors can be demanding. An hour with a dog makes it all a little easier.

Dogs in the Classroom

MHS' Therapy Dog Volunteers are often called upon to aid student research. We partner with professors and students to provide stable, friendly, well-trained dogs to participate in psychological studies, photo shoots, and any other appropriate project they can dream up.jasmine-visiting-ksc-advance-mrkt-class


If you are interested in having dogs visit your students or help with your studies, we will try to match you up with one of our registered therapy dog teams.

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