Imagine a world where:

  • No dog was ever abused or neglected
  • Every cat had a loving home
  • Every person who wanted an animal companion could afford to have and care for one
  • People who were homeless, fleeing domestic violence, or in treatment for substance abuse never lost their animals at a time when they most needed them

That’s the world MHS has worked to build since 1875.

Fortunately, animal welfare has come a long way since our founder, Jennie Powers, walked the back roads of the Monadnock Region, saving animals, women, and children. But we can’t continue to create a compassionate world for animals and those who love them without your help.

We’d like to invite you to become a charter member of MHS’ new legacy society: The Jennie B. Powers Legacy Society

The Society is open to anyone who puts MHS in their will or life insurance policy, or who leaves securities, retirement plan assets, real estate, or other personal property to MHS.

No minimum donation is required, there’s no fee to join, and member benefits include a lapel pin featuring the MHS logo, invitations to Society-only events, and a special listing in the MHS annual report.

We also invite you plan ahead for your pet. Contact Kathy Collinsworth, 603.352.9011, x111, if you’d like to make arrangements for pet care if you should happen to predecease your pet. Kathy can also answer many questions about leaving a legacy gift to MHS.

“Monadnock Humane Society has been helping animals for 145 years – and we have included MHS in our estate plan because we want to ensure that their mission of compassion and kindness will continue far into the future.

Animals provide people with unconditional love and acceptance. We must provide animals with loving homes, good food, and quality medical care.

History will judge us. Do we stand up, provide care for, and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves?”

- Tom and Christine Doane

P.S. A person can transfer money directly to MHS from an IRA. All they need is the MHS 501(c)(3) tax exempt number. The arrangements can be made through a financial advisor, and the person making the gift pays no taxes on the money!