Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our Adoption Center is CLOSED to the public until further notice. Effective January 1, 2022, we will no longer be open to the public for visiting or walk-in adoptions.

We are ONLY offering adoptions BY APPOINTMENT. Please call 603.352.9011 ext. 101 to make an appointment to visit an adoptable pet.

Adopting a Pet at MHS

We love the animals we care for, and we want you to love one too. We make the time to get to know our animals individually so that we can help you find the right pet for your lifestyle.

We are happy to say many animals are at MHS for only a few days before they are adopted. That means we encourage you to check with us frequently as new animals are coming in all the time. We adopt on a first come-first served basis.


The Adoption Process


Tell Us About You

We want to get to know you and your family. Our Adoption Counselors will talk with you and jot down some notes about your pet search. We want to help you find a pet that will fit your household well.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to adopt a pet from us.
  • If you rent your home, we’ll want to know that your landlord agrees to the pet you plan to add. Ask him/her specifically what pets are welcome where you live.
  • Fences aren’t mandatory for dog adopters. We know many good dog homes don’t include a fence when dog and family have similar exercise needs.


Put A Hold On A Pet

Think you’ve met the right pet? We sure hope so. A $25 hold deposit reserves your pet while you’re preparing your home. Holds are valid until the end of our next business day. We do NOT take holds over the phone or by email. You must visit the Adoption Center in person. Your $25 hold deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  • Meet the Kids: If the whole family didn’t come with you, we’ll schedule an appointment for the rest of the family to meet your potential new pet.
  • Adding a Dog: If you’re adding a dog to your already dog-owning family, we will schedule a dog-to-dog introduction appointment. Meeting for the first time in a neutral setting helps dogs get to know each other. Our professional staff can counsel you about how to ensure your new addition is a success. If for some reason, we think our dog is not a good match for your family, we’ll explain why and help you find a dog who can fit better into your household. (In the event the dog-dog intro doesn’t work out, your Hold Deposit will be refunded.)


We Support You

New relationships take time. As your new pet is settling in, we are just a phone call – (603) 352-9011 ext. 101 – or an email away –  Let us help you if problems arise. We can answer questions about behavior, recommend equipment or training techniques, or simply rejoice with you as another homeless animal becomes a loved family member.

A Few Other Things

You are welcome to bring your new pet home the day you decide to adopt.

You may meet some declawed cats here. We don’t condone declawing. We counsel cat adopters about a variety of non-surgical methods to avoid potential damage a cat may cause with his/her claws. However, cats that have been declawed prior to coming to us will only be adopted to homes that keep them as strictly indoor pets.

We reserve the right to approve, delay, or deny any potential adoption as we deem appropriate.

We’ll charge $30 if your check is returned to us for insufficient funds.