Naming Opportunities

A woman walking a dog in a forest.

We have a variety of space-naming opportunities listed below so that you, someone you know, a group of people, or a company can have the opportunity to become involved in this project.

If you are interested in any of the space-naming opportunities below or would like more information about other opportunities, please call MSH Development Director, Jacques Du Preez at (603) 352-9011 or email

Dog Room, Cat Room, or Cat Condo

Your name, a photo, and your honoree’s name will be featured on a lovely plaque that is displayed beside one of our dog rooms, cat rooms, or cat condos. These can be named for six months or a full year.

Entry Way - Main Lobby Client Entrance$100,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Vet Clinic / Surgical Room$50,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Animal Safety Net Suite$50,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Staff Room$25,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Laundry Room$15,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Meet and Greet Rooms (2 located in lobby)$5,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Pet Food Pantry Room$5,000 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Parking Areas (4 available)Starting at $5,000
Stray Hold$2,500 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Kitten Cart (1 available)$2,500 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Tribute Bench$2,500 (fixed term as agreed upon)
Paws Plaque Donor WallStarting at $500 (lifetime)
Dog Rooms (10 available)$500 Annually
Cat Condos (11 available) $250 Annually
Cat Rooms (3 available)$500 Annually
Personalized Animal ObituaryStarting at $150
Tribute Bricks (4"x8")Starting at $75

Paws Plaque

Your name and your honoree’s name will be engraved on a paw-shaped, wooden memorial plaque that is permanently displayed on our “Paws Wall.” The wall is in a quiet hallway that you can visit any time you’d like to spend a moment honoring your beloved pet or person.

6-inch paw$200
9-inch paw$350
12-inch paw$500
15-inch paw$650


Another option is a cobblestone that, in the summer of 2020, will be laid in front of the MHS main entrance. The large cobblestone can be inscribed with your name and your honoree’s name, and the jumbo has room for a brief comment from you.

If you are interested in finding out more about a Cobblestone, please call 603.354.4014 or email

Trails and Parking Lots

If you’d like to make an especially powerful tribute, consider naming one of the MHS walking trails or parking lots in your pet or person’s honor. A five-year naming opportunity may be purchased for $10,000.

Interested in any of our space-naming opportunities?