Happy Tails

Callie – A Happy Tails Story

By Laurie Phillips
close up of black dog.


Late this past fall, Stephanie Frommer, our Field Services Coordinator, received a call from a concerned social worker who told her of a client who had taken in a very pregnant dog named Callie, and she knew her client did not have resources to care for her.  But her client was hesitant to reach out for help, not sure what sort of fate she would be surrendering Callie to.

Callie - A Happy Tails Story

Stephanie called the woman immediately and assured her that Callie and her puppies would be well cared for at MHS.  Stephanie was invited to visit and when she arrived, Callie had just given birth to 8 puppies – 7 more puppies were born while Stephanie was there.  Stephanie was struck by how calm and easy-going Callie was while giving birth.

It turns out this was Callie’s second litter of puppies – she had her first litter (of 14 puppies) only months before.  If it hadn’t been for the kindness of this woman taking her in, Callie might have been left behind again, tied to a tree with 15 newborn puppies and no food or shelter.  Instead, she and her puppies found food and shelter in one of MHS’ foster homes and then were all adopted into forever homes!