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Daisy’s Story

By Jacques Du Preez

It is with a hopeful heart that we share Daisy’s story with you. Daisy is a 1-year-old Alusky (Alaskan Malamute/Husky mix), who was surrendered to Monadnock Humane Society back in October. Despite her tough start, Daisy has an outgoing personality and a heart full of love. From the moment she arrived at MHS, Daisy captured the hearts of our staff and volunteers with her gentle nature and irresistible charm.

However, as we got to know Daisy better, we realized that she was not walking correctly, and our veterinary team suspected a medical issue. Further examination revealed that Daisy has bilateral luxating patellas, which means that her knee caps do not stay in place, causing her pain with every step. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, she also has a subluxation left hip, which further complicates her medical condition.

Daisy has already undergone a surgery to repair one of her knees, and we are happy to report that she came through with flying colors. Her foster mom has been amazing, taking great care of her during her post-op recovery. Once her first knee is completely healed (in about 8 weeks), she will need surgery on her other knee to ensure she can lead a life that is as pain-free as possible.

As you can imagine, Daisy’s medical needs are complex and come with significant costs. Monadnock Humane Society has been covering the expenses for her care with money from a special medical fund, but unfortunately, these funds are running low due to the sheer number of similar cases we’ve had recently. We are kindly asking for your help in covering the costs of Daisy’s surgery and replenishing our special funds so that we can continue to help animals like her.

We have already spent $1,300 on Daisy’s first knee repair and expect to pay a similar amount on the second knee, with the total expense for Daisy alone possibly reaching up to $3,000. Any amount you can give today, whether it’s $25, $50, $100, or even $1,000, will go a long way towards making sure we can provide Daisy with the care she needs and replenish our special funds to help other animals in need.

Please know that every dollar you give is appreciated and will make a significant difference in the lives of the animals we serve. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion and generosity towards Daisy and all the animals in our care.