Happy Tails

Gandalf – A Happy Tails Story

By Laurie Phillips

Gandalf the Grey was surrendered to us as a stray.  He had a distinct personality – strong, but curious and affectionate. He would hang out in our office area a lot as he waited for his adoption clearance. Sometimes we’d come back from a meeting and the filling from a sandwich was mysteriously missing (the bread would be snatched up later by someone else).  He would figure out how to maneuver around shelves and sit from a high vantage point watching all the comings and goings with great interest.  Many times he would sit on someone’s desk as they typed and watch with amusement at all the activity. He did not enjoy waiting for feeding time and let us all know it by howling until we succumbed. He was in charge.

Then, one day a new volunteer walked in and they fell head-over-heels in love.  Gandy would sit with Jodie all morning as she helped with data entry. She knew he was “The One” for her.  Jodie and Phil (also new Board members) took Gandalf home a few weeks ago. From what we hear, it’s a match made in heaven. Gandalf has learned how to manipulate Phil into giving him all kinds of treats (so he doesn’t have to steal sandwiches anymore), and Jodie now has a friend to keep her company as she does her school work!