Happy Tails

Happy Tail – Boo & Felix

By Laurie Phillips

They call me Boo because I’m all black and I have that “Halloween” thing going on.  What’s really scary, though, is the condition I was in when I came to MHS from a shelter in NY.  I was a victim of the Hurricane Sandy tragedy.  I was so overweight (over 20 lbs!) I could barely walk. My back hind legs had atrophied from lack of exercise, and because I had been declawed, walking was extremely painful with all that weight on my feet. Though I am a very sweet girl, I seemed aloof because I didn’t want to move much.  I kept to myself a lot.  And, I admit, I was a bit…grumpy.

Then, my world turned upside down. Another cat by the name of Felix was put in the Catilion with me (the shelter techs felt we needed company). He was big and grumpy, too (21 lbs.!).  I was pretty self-sufficient, but this threw a real monkey wrench in my plans.  To top it off, the shelter techs put us on a strict diet.

Well, time went by and we both started to lose weight and felt a lot better about ourselves. I started to get my girlish figure back and didn’t mind hanging out with Felix. He didn’t mind either.  We started to play together, and got more active.  One day, I wanted to impress him with my abilities and I jumped up on one of the shelves. Let’s just say that from that point on we were inseparable. (He recently told me I’m “BOO-tee-ful”! ).

Minna came in not long after our “transformation” and she knew right away that we needed to come home together. She adopted both of us, and we’re living together in a beautiful home with a loving family, and we have all of you to thank for making this possible.

Thank you so much!With love, Boo and Felix