Happy Tails

Happy Tail – Jordan Went Home for the Holidays!

By Laurie Phillips

We thought you might like to hear from Jordan’s new forever family on his adoption this past weekend:

“We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I just wanted to check in and let you know how wonderfully Jordan has settled in with us. I’m not sure how it happened…since I went in to look at Tom…and ended up with Jordan because he is absolutely PERFECT for us. Trevor (my son) was happy beyond words to come home and find Jordan sitting by the Christmas Tree.

He and the kitty get along just fine…there was a little hissing at the beginning but now they walk right by each other like the other isn’t even there! Although Jordan does like to sneak the kitty food occasionally! LOL. He sleeps by my son’s bed if he’s home…and if he’s not, you can find him sleeping next to mine. And wherever my son is…you can bet that Jordan isn’t far to follow! They are going to be the best of buddies…

He is really such a LOVE…so gentle and so well mannered. Except Christmas morning when my son and I left for a couple hours…when we came back we found that Jordan had sniffed out every single piece of candy that Trevor had gotten for Christmas and devoured it! I had to laugh because I had just been bragging about how he didn’t need to be crated, he was perfect, etc. and when I got home…it looked like Hurricane Jordan had gone through the house. He didn’t touch the 20 shoes that were laying around or anything else…just the candy. But I’m thinking I probably gave him a little too much freedom right off and he probably missed us and was confused. So I’m crating him for right now when I’m at work (I go home at lunch to let him out and walk him) and we’ll take that one day at a time.

But I wanted to thank you…for introducing him to me! I am so glad you did…like I said, he is the perfect match for our little family and we just love him to pieces. We’re looking forward to spending many more happy years with him!

Happy Holidays!
Kelli, Trevor & Jordan