MHS’ Beth Doyle Guides Community Effort to Capture Precious/Nellie

By Abbey Schoenfeld
missing dog posting that says call/text two phone numbers do not chase follow or call to missing.
Call 603.313.1517 or 603.361.9493 to help community effort to capture Precious/Nellie

Keene and Swanzey residents have joined together in a community effort to capture a frightened and missing pet dog. MHS’ Canine Coordinator has been guiding the efforts to understand the dog’s behavior and develop tactics to ensure Precious/Nellie can be brought to safety. For Doyle, her participation reaches well beyond her job. She’s volunteered many sleepless evenings as residents in the Keene and Swanzey community rally around helping Precious/Nellie



How You Can Help:

Trail cam sighting of Precious/Nellie
Trail cams set up at feeding stations have been one way of obtaining sightings of Precious/Nellie

If you see this dog, please do not approach!  Instead, report the time and location of sighting to the Help Precious/Nellie volunteers at (603) 313-1517 or (603) 361-9493.

Read About the Community Effort to Capture Precious/Nellie

Keene Sentinel freelancer, Nicole S. Colson tells the whole story in Thursday’s ELF section. The article appears in the Fur, Fins, & Feathers column 2/16/17


You can follow the continuing story on Facebook through the group titled “Help Bring Precious/Nellie Home.”  https://www.facebook.com/groups/234243230354754/