Happy Tails

Molly Woggs – A Happy Tails Story

By Laurie Phillips


Molly, a miniature long-haired red doxie (initially named “Lieben” – which means “to love” in German) was found wandering around a gas station at a busy intersection in a nearby city.  Thankfully, she was rescued and taken to MHS where she was given immediate medical attention.  Since she had no identification (microchip, tag, etc.) there was no way to find out who her owners were, or what her history was.

Her skin was in bad condition – flaky and rough. Her fur was mangy, and she had clearly been used for breeding.  Most of her teeth were rotten and needed to be removed. Despite all of her physical ailments, she was such a happy little girl! She was spunky and curious. Her tail had a tuft of long hair at the end, and it looked like a flag being merrily waved as she greeted everyone she met.  She was so excited to get attention!

One of our staff took Molly home during recovery from her surgery. She has been there ever since and is now a permanent member of their family along with Sadie (another mini-doxie) and Stella the kitty.  She has a big yard to play in, and she goes everywhere with her sister. She especially loves going to the state park and walks down to the lake where there are lots of great things to sniff.  In general, new life is good for Molly-woggs, and her forever family is so thankful that MHS was there to bring them all together!