Happy Tails

Rabbit – A Happy Tails Story

By Jacques Du Preez

Today’s Happy Tails, where we share wonderful updates from our alumni across the Monadnock region, comes from Rabbit.  Formerly known as Freedom, 11 month old Rabbit was adopted from MHS in December 2021.“Rabbit is doing VERY well”, says mum Andrea, who goes on to tell us that the family renamed Rabbit, “after the Velveteen Rabbit, and she spends most of her time at the Jaffrey Public Library where I work.”

WHAT? Rabbit is an assistant librarian? How cool is that?

Andrea tells us that “the community love Rabbit. She has a large fan following who come in daily to talk to her, bring her treats, pet her, and read their favorite books to her. She even helped out at our Silly Stuffy Sleepover recently.”


Although it sounds like it’s mostly just sunshine and carrots for Rabbit, she still isn’t comfortable with being held, say’s Andrea, so they all respect her boundaries. “We do have hopes of extending her play area so that a visitor could sit inside with her.”

On long weekends Rabbit goes back home with the family, where she is given more freedom to roam and explore. Apparently, she likes to recline under the sofa, and to pick books off shelves to drag around the living room. The library has clearly left an impact on this sweet girl, however it’s not just relaxing to a good book for her, Rabbit also gets the zoomies and loves to run and leap and twist.

Feel free to share Rabbit’s story. How great it is that a shelter Rabbit can go on to live her best life, make so many friends AND help us educate our youth. What a heartwarming feel good story, I think we can all get behind.  Andrea has an open invitation to all who want to go visit with Rabbit at the Jaffrey Public library! “Come visit anytime!”