Happy Tails

Samilton Omlet: A Happy Tail

By Dorothea Hasselmann
Omlet, a black lab mix.

Omlet, a sweet lab mix, arrived at Monadnock Humane Society back in October from another NH shelter – the NHSPCA – after they seized a large number of dogs from a hoarding case. They reached out to MHS and several other NH shelters for help, each organization taking in several dogs. Because there were so many dogs in this home (and so few humans), Omlet was not properly socialized during the early, formative stages of his life. He was apprehensive around new things and very skittish around people. It became clear that Omlet would need to be adopted by a patient and understanding family who would help him navigate the world and all the wonderful things that life has to offer. He needed a second chance and help with finding his forever family.

The shelter team at MHS began working with Omlet as soon as he arrived, giving him positive reinforcement and building trust in humans – something he never had before. They recognized his potential and provided him with a consistent routine, socialization, fun activities and encouragement. It wasn’t long before Omlet started to trust, gain confidence, and come out of his shell.

Meanwhile, a family in the community had been searching for a dog to add to their family. They read about Omlet in a local newspaper, and immediately knew they had to come meet him. On December 10th, the family and their 2 current dogs came to MHS to meet Omlet. There was a wonderful chemistry and they decided that Omlet needed to join their family. His new mom and dad renamed him “Samilton Omlet” (with a few more nicknames – Sammy Sam Sam, Samilton Sam, and of course Good Great Boy!!).

Because his new mom and dad had previously worked in animal shelter settings, they knew it might take months for Samilton to get settled, learn how to accept affection, and how to just be a “dog.” They were pleasantly surprised that within just a few days, Samilton was already begging for treats, crawling into the kingsize bed, and asking for hugs (which he now LOVES). They credit this fast adjustment, in part, to the work that MHS did with Omlet before his adoption. And to the belief that rescue dogs are truly grateful when they are adopted into a loving, caring, patient home.

Samilton also adjusted so quickly because he had a confident dog to shadow and to learn how to approach and investigate new things. Austin, his new dog bro, is certainly showing Samilton the ropes. Austin and Samilton’s favorite games are “get the stick,” “hide mom’s shoes,” and “who can lay on top of who.” They are, needless to say, best friends.

Samilton and his new family recently went on a Florida vacation where he thrived and learned that life is GREAT! He learned all about the “beach” and how much fun it can be … even for a dog! He went to a giant dog park every day and visited a dog-friendly botanical garden. He even learned how to paddleboard with help from his buddy, Austin!

A lab mix sitting on a paddleboard on a beach.
A lab mix running through the snow.

Samilton no longer has the broken look in his eyes that he had when he arrived at MHS. Instead, his eyes now shine with excitement because he is so happy and loved in his new home. Not only has Samilton made lots of new dog friends, but he’s made a lot of new human friends too. For him, that is truly amazing. His mom and dad are taking every new situation as it comes and working at whatever pace Samilton feels most comfortable. Samilton’s mom said that they are so grateful for the work MHS did with Omlet. They know the relationship and trust built with MHS staff and volunteers was critical for him and help build the skills he needed. This allowed him to form a healthy relationship with his new family members.

When Samilton first arrived at MHS, he did nothing more than sit in his crate and did not want to play or interact with anybody. Now, he’s so much better and his mom and dad say that he fits right in like he’s always been a member of the family. He has formed an amazing bond with his new dad and goes everywhere with him including hiking and snowshoeing! His new parents report that he is still a little apprehensive about new people, but it is caution rather than fear. With ongoing love and patience, they know he’ll conquer this challenge, too.

Samilton is becoming the dog that MHS and his new mom and dad knew he was meant to be. His family hopes that by sharing his story, more people will give pets like Samilton/Omlet a second chance, because that’s all they need. The family is so happy they took a chance on Omelet – he has made their lives so much better, and they are giving him the amazing life he deserves.

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