Boarding & Daycare Staff

You'll find these familiar faces at the Monadnock Humane Society Boarding and Daycare Facility:

Bethany King, Manager


20161003_132833 Deb Watson, Senior Boarding/Daycare Technician Deb has years of experience caring for a variety of animals. Her career has included animal health care as a veterinary technician and improving animal welfare as a visiting pet groomer. She is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR, in addition to being a trained dog care professional.

The staff at the Monadnock Humane Society Boarding and Daycare Facility bring years of animal care experience and professional training to their work with your pets. They regularly attend industry conferences and educational program to stay current on the best practices in animal care, behavior modification techniques, and animal psychology.

The picture below shows Linda Thompson helping a pet owner with a dog behavior problem that can be corrected with the proper leash. Linda lent the leash to the owner to “try before they buy” and committed to work with the dog on future daycare visits.

Boarding & Daycare Staff