Animal Cruelty Complaint

Monadnock Humane Society now has a Humane Agent, Beth Doyle.  Beth, in her role as the MHS Humane Agent, will be responsible for responding to animal cruelty and neglect concerns.  Many of the calls received by MHS are from well-intentioned citizens who just need a little bit of help.  She will be able to provide guidance, education, and resources to members of our community. She will also be available to answer questions, work to resolve issues and concerns, and provide animals in need with the help they deserve.  When a serious animal cruelty case is discovered, she will assist in the investigation in conjunction with the authorities. Beth will now be one of four (4) Humane Agents in New Hampshire working to address the community needs regarding animal welfare concerns.

To report animal neglect/cruelty concerns, please contact MHS at 603.352.9011, ext. 144, or email Beth at