Advanced Beginner – 2 Week Session

A Labrador Retriever jumping over agility equipment.

Advanced Beginner Agility 1 & 2 is the class for those teams continuing from Beginner Agility and those repeating Advanced Beginner.

These special 2-week classes allow us to practice longer sequences, more challenging handling exercises, beginner distance, and discrimination skills in each class. We also continue obstacle work with the teeter-totter and weave pole work.

This class should be repeated until your dog is ready to move on to a Intermediate-level agility class.

Your dog will come to all classes. Bring plenty of soft training treats.

Dates & Rates

  • 2 weeks, 90-minute classes: $60

(Our) trainer was kind to doggies and owners…no matter how much or how little (our family) knew about dogs and training.

Thanks so very much for getting us started in a positive way.

Advanced Beginner Agility – 2 Week Session

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