Help with Stray Pets

A stray cat on the street.

If you notice a stray pet in your yard or out in the community, please use our Lost/Found database, Ten Thousand Eyes.

Ten Thousand Eyes has a Stray Pet database that will help reunite a pet with its owner. We define a stray as a cat or dog that has been hanging around your property (or nearby) for a few days and seems lost, hungry, disheveled, sick or injured or just very unhappy. If you are pretty sure it doesn’t belong to a neighbor, try to take a photo and post it on the Stray listing. People who have a missing pet check the Strays routinely. They will contact you through MHS if it looks like it could be theirs.

You can also contact our Humane Agent, Beth Doyle, if the pet appears to be in distress or if temperatures are extreme and dangerous. To reach Beth, dial 603.352.9011, ext. 114.

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