27 Dogs Removed From Deplorable Conditions

By Jacques Du Preez


(Swanzey, NH – October 17, 2022) –  Monadnock Humane Society’s Humane Agent, Beth Doyle, along with New Hampshire State Police, worked together to remove 27 Labrador Retrievers from inhumane conditions. Upon completion of an investigation by our Humane Agent, spanning over 12 months, the State Police were able to serve a search warrant on the home which led to the discovery of the dogs being kept in deplorable conditions. The breeder has been charged with animal neglect and is expected to appear before the court in the next couple of weeks.

Following their removal from the home on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 5, 2022, the 13 adult dogs and 14 puppies, seven of whom are still nursing on their malnourished mom, are now safely in the care of MHS. Many of the dogs were underweight, tested positive for multiple parasites, and one is currently being treated for Lyme disease. While the case is underway, MHS will continue to provide medical care, boarding, exercise, socialization, and affection to these neglected animals.

“It honestly feels like it was just yesterday when we rescued 53 labs from a very similar case, while assisting the County with an eviction in a home in Marlborough”, says Kathy Collinsworth, MHS Executive Director.  “In just four short years, we have faced two of the largest dog cruelty and neglect cases related to horrific breeding practices in our community. We continue to be committed to investing in a full time Animal Agent to bring justice to animals who are living in unacceptable conditions”. Our Humane Agent is one of only four in the entire state of NH. She responds to animal cruelty and neglect concerns in our community, and provides a lifeline to at-risk animals in need. Beth has received over 110 animal cruelty complaints from concerned citizens since starting in her position in September 2021. 

The cost of care for the dogs in this case, which includes all medical and daily care, is estimated to be approximately $7,800 per week. With the court date being unknown, and with such cases often dragging out over months, we expect this un-budgeted and unexpected cost to MHS to go into the tens of thousands of dollars. MHS is funded entirely by the generosity from our community. MHS receives no financial support from national organizations or from the municipalities we serve. We kindly ask that you consider a donation today to help offset some of these costs and help us care for these animals and prepare for the next animal cruelty case that comes our way. You can make a lifesaving difference today. Please give and support these dogs in need by visiting: https://monadnockhumanesociety.org/donate/