Board Meeting (generally held on 4th Tuesday of the month 6-8 pm)

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Board Officers:

Chair---Jennifer Thompson

Vice Chair---Valerie Starbuck

Treasurer---Chris Bowen

Secretary---Mary Dziedzinski

Development Committee (meets 1st Wednesday of the month 6-7:30 pm)

Jennifer Thompson, Chair, Board Chair

Mary Dziedzinski, Board Secretary

Chris Bowen, Board Treasurer

Bob Sutherland, Board Member

Mike Faulkner, Board Member

Bob Schaumann, Board Member

Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director (ex officio)

Carol Laughner, Staff Partner/Director of Marketing & Development

Heather Shaver, Community Representative

Finance Committee (meets 3rd Monday of the month 2-4 pm)

Chris Bowen, Chair, Board Treasurer

Tim Jordan, Board Member

Kristen Trombly, Board Member

Jon Starbuck, Facilities Committee Chair

Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director (ex officio)

Governance Committee - (meets 1st Monday of the month 5:30-7 pm)

Kristen Trombly, Chair

Peggy Bedore, Board Member

Elana Baron, Board Member

Mary Dziedzinski, Board Secretary

Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director (ex officio)

Jean Froy, Community Representative

Al Froy, Community Representative

Sharon Wratchford, Community Representative

Human Resource Committee - (meets 2nd Thursday of the month 5:30 - 7 pm)

Valerie Starbuck, Chair, Board Vice Chair

Robert Sutherland, Board Member

Peggy Bedore, Board Member

Dr. Mary Hoffheimer, Board Member

Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director (ex officio)

Facilities Committee - (meets 1st Tuesday of each month from 8:30 - 9:30 am)

Jon Starbuck, Chair, Community Representative

Wes Wratchford, Community Representative

Mike Faulkner, Board Member

Emily Kerylow, Staff Partner/MHS Operations Dir.

Peter Smith, Staff Partner/Facilities Coor.

Kathy Harrington, Executive Dir. (ex officio)

Meeting Schedules of the MHS Board of Directors and Committees 2017-2018 (downloadable Word Document: Meeting sched.-- MHS Board & Com 17-18 )