The  Wratchford Family Anti-Cruelty Fund's Story

The Wratchford Family Anti-Cruelty Fund is a new, dedicated fund initiated by Wesley and Sharon Wratchford.  This fund is being launched in support of MHS's anti-cruelty work, the prevention of abuse and neglect, and assistance with animal hoarding cases. Wes and Sharon, like the MHS staff, hope to never see another case of animal abuse ever pass through the doors of the shelter. We aim to eliminate situations where animals are left to suffer with no hope for a brighter future.  We want to make sure MHS has the resources necessary to rescue these animals, to medically and physically support them, document cases for prosecution, and have the equipment needed to transport abused animals safely and securely.  Most importantly we, together with you, want to ensure that our community is strengthening the animal-human bond by having staff trained and available to manage these types of cases and bring new hope into the lives of these animals.

If you would like to join the Wratchfords and help prevent animal cruelty in our area, click here for a link to a donation page on our secure website.

Thank you for helping us in this important initiative!

Meet Maddie and Honey -  also members of the Wratchford Family.

Honey Wratchford

Maddie Wratchford