Adopt Nala–Looking for a Golden Future– Available at Monadnock Humane Society

By Abbey Schoenfeld
photo collage of a dog named nala.

Meet Nala: She’s ready for a golden future full of good things. When Nala was surrendered to MHS in November, 2016, this sweet two-year old Pitbull mix had already been a mother twice, and her body had run out of resources. Weighing slightly under 34 pounds, it was easy to see that nutrition was an urgent need.  Monadnock Humane Society’s shelter staff began careful, around the clock feedings to restore health to this starvation victim. The team also immediately began assessing Nala’s other needs—medical, social, and emotional.

The two and a half months of care have included nurturing both body and spirit. As you can see from the photos, at just under 60 pounds, she is a gorgeous dog. Today, we are in the happy position of seeking a very special family to provide this lovely, healthy young dog with a golden future.

We believe food will always hold a special place in Nala’s heart, so she is looking for a family that can make good use of her food seeking behaviors as reinforcement for all the great, fun activities you will bring to her life. She loves to play with balls and Frisbees, and use her nose to solve brain-toy problems.

Nala’s early experiences taught her that barking was an effective way to keep scary things away; at this point in her life, she will bark at all newcomers.

Making Nala Yours

Nala will need a home that can make a commitment to dog training, and we believe she would be best served by attending training classes, in addition to on-going, positive training experiences on a daily basis at home.  She’s a girl with great potential for a dog owner who has some experience with fearful dogs and enthusiasm for a high-energy, fun-loving dog.  Come meet Nala at Monadnock Humane Society at 101 W. Swanzey Road (Rt 10) in Swanzey, NH. For more information on our adoption process, click here.