Intermediate Rally

A dog jumping during a rally course.

This course will give Rally teams a great opportunity to start teaching off-leash heeling, jumping and more technical Rally signs and skills.

We will concentrate on the Advanced and Level 2 Rally exercises and courses. This class will be to build a solid foundation for the next level of Rally with short courses and heeling exercises. Intermediate Rally can be repeated in order to help you perfect those skills and signs before moving on to the Intermediate/ Advanced Rally class.

Prerequisite: Beginner Rally or permission from your instructor.

This is a class for those who have taken Beginner Rally and are ready to move on to new rally signs, skills and off-leash work. Drop in may be considered with permission. Contact if you have any questions

Dates & Rates

  • 6-week class: $150

(Our) trainer was kind to doggies and owners…no matter how much or how little (our family) knew about dogs and training.

Thanks so very much for getting us started in a positive way.

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