Monadnock Therapy Pets

Monadnock Therapy Pets

Warmth, love, companionship--the healing power of animal interactions is well known and well documented. Our therapy dogs bring smiles, joy, and love by visiting when people who are unable to have their own pets near. Monadnock Therapy Pet volunteers visit at hospitals, senior residences, colleges, schools, and other facilities throughout the Monadnock region. When they do, our visiting teams are registered and insured.  This means the dog and owner have trained for work in healthcare and educational facilities, and liability insurance protects you when you interact with the dog.

What is a Therapy Dog?

Therapy Dogs visit to make people feel better. They are owned, pet dogs who train with their handlers to become a team that makes volunteer visits. Some say that Therapy Dogs are born, not made.  That's true to the extent that the people-loving personality of these dogs is an in-born trait.  Don't let that fool you, however. Our volunteers spend countless hours training their dogs. It's the only way to build consistent good manners. We like to say that these dogs have earned their "Master's Degree" in Good Dog Behavior.img_1841

In addition to demonstrating good behavior, therapy dogs must adhere to a standard of health checks and cleanliness. Therapy Dogs are insured when they are visiting, which provides reassurance to facilities when they offer therapy dog services to their clients.

Service or Assistance Dogs work with an individual to help that person overcome a disability that would otherwise restrict his/her access to activities. Assistance Dogs have special rights of public access protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It is illegal and unethical to represent a Therapy Dog as a Service Dog in order to gain privileged access to transportation, restaurants, and stores.

Where Can You Meet Our Therapy Dog Teams?

Our Therapy Dog volunteers are in action throughout the Monadnock Region, visiting at rehab facilities, on memory care units, at senior assisted living facilities, at libraries, schools, and camps. They are also available to greet planned visitor groups at Monadnock Humane Society.  MHS' Therapy Dog Volunteers also engage in some ongoing group programs, such as our children's literacy initiative, Paws to Read@MHS; our collaboration with Keene State College's Counselling Center to help freshman make the transition to college life, Paws 2 Play; and our monthly visits to inmates at the Cheshire County Department of Corrections.

resized_20160730_185750Would you like to have dog visits at your facility, classroom, or camp? Or would you like to bring your group to visit Monadnock Humane Society? Contact Amee Abel at

Do you have a well-mannered, social dog with whom you'd like to volunteer?  Click here to check out our Volunteer with Your Dog information