Becca Copeland helps MHS with a New Year’s Resolution!

By Laurie Phillips

On February 1, 2014, Monadnock Humane Society received a large donation of pet supplies and cash from Gilsum resident, Rebecca Copeland. Becca decided in December 2013 that she would choose to help one non-profit each month in 2014, beginning with MHS in January. With enthusiasm and drive, she set out to collect donations from family, friends, and community members and was delighted to find abundant support.

“I met with many people, and found them to be eager to help and excited about participating, said Copeland. “I gave them a list of items from the MHS website to choose from, and it was so uplifting to see how people really wanted to help me reach my goal.”

The MHS staff was quite impressed by the amount of donations that she and her dad, Rod Richmond, brought in that Saturday afternoon in his truck. Over 26 bags of dried dog and cat food and much needed miscellaneous supplies and toys for the animals who are waiting to find their new homes.

“We are so pleased to be a recipient of this generosity, said Margaret Atkinson, MHS Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator. “Rebecca has set a wonderful example for our community of how to be helpful to a non-profit that you feel a connection to.” Atkinson added that not only does this help us financially, but “Rebecca is out there talking about MHS when she’s asking for help. She’s able to really spread the word about the good work we do to the community in a very significant way.”