Jennie B. Powers, One of the Original Founders of Monadnock Humane Society, Honored with DAR Women in American History Award

By Monadnock Humane Society
four women standing next to each other holding an award.

Pictured L-R are: Chapter Regent Susan Fossum, MHS Executive Director Kathy Collinsworth, Honorary Chapter Regent Priscilla Theberge, Vice Regent Cindy Theodore

Swanzey, NH – On Thursday, November 4, 2021 the Winnipesaukee Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Wolfeboro, NH presented the DAR Women in American History Award to Jennie B. Powers for her work as an activist for the humane treatment of animals, women and children in New Hampshire and Vermont in the early 20th century. This award recognizes women, an historical entity or currently alive, who have made a contribution or difference in their communities.

Because of Jennie Powers’ affiliation with Monadnock Humane Society’s history, the Winnipesaukee Chapter decided to present her award to MHS executive director, Kathy Collinsworth. Chapter Regent Susan Fossum, Honorary Chapter Regent Priscilla Theberge, and Vice Regent Cindy Theodore visited MHS to present the award. 

Jennie Powers was the subject of a presentation at their 2021 spring chapter meeting which was given by Jenna Carroll, Educational Director at the Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene.  Carroll’s presentation entitled “Jennie B. Powers – The Woman Who Dared” highlighted Powers’ work as a humane society agent in Keene from 1903-1936 and how she was one of the first humane agents to become a deputy sheriff in New Hampshire.  Carroll said that Powers was known across the country as “The Woman Who Dares,” cited by the Boston Post newspaper in 1906 as having arrested more men than any other woman in America.   As a photographic activist, she used her camera to document animal cruelty, family violence, and wide-spread poverty in New Hampshire’s Monadnock region and beyond.

After hearing Carroll’s presentation, members of the Winnipesaukee Chapter were so inspired by Jennie Powers’ accomplishments and the historical context of her work, that one of the chapter associates suggested honoring her with the DAR Women in American History Award.  

Collinsworth said that “This award means so much to our community. Recognizing the work of Jennie Powers – especially as we will soon be celebrating our 150th anniversary in 2025 – is so timely and significant. We are grateful to Jenna Carroll who continues to speak about Jennie Powers’ influence in our community (and national) history, and to the Winnipesaukee Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for recognizing the work of this amazing woman.” The certificate and medal that were presented will be on display at the MHS Adoption Center in Swanzey on “The Jennie B. Powers Wall,” where there is also a miniature version of the mural that was painted in Keene during the Wall dogs Magical History Tour event in June 2019. 

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Founded on January 17, 1923, by Inez Brewster Wentworth, the Winnipesaukee Chapter is one of twenty-three chapters in the New Hampshire State Organization Daughters of the American Revolution.

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