Joe needs your help…

By Laurie Phillips

Joe the Chihuahua was surrendered to MHS several weeks ago. After a medical exam, it was determined that he needed a lot of dental work. Here’s his story – told by the little guy himself:

“Hi, everyone. By now, you’ve probably read about me in the Shopper News or in Paw Prints.  I need your help. Even though I’m just a young guy (6 months) I already need dental work to live a comfortable, happy life. It’s really expensive, and I don’t have any money.  If you would consider helping me, I would be so grateful!

Here is how to donate to my special fund:

1.  Click here. It will take you to the “Donate” page. 

2.  Fill in all of your information and in the “In Honor of” box, type in “The Joe Dental Fund” so the humans in the “administrative office” know how to put the money in the right place.

3.  Go to the next page (the Shopping Cart)  and then to the checkout. 

You can also send a check if you prefer to:

Monadnock Humane Society, The Joe Dental Fund

101 West Swanzey Road, Swanzey, NH  03446

If you have any questions, call Carol at 603.352.9011, ext. 115.  Thank you so much – you have made me smile with your generosity!

Sincerely, Joe