Meet our new Volunteer Coordinator – Amee Abel!

By Laurie Phillips

We are pleased to announce that Amee Abel is our new Volunteer Coordinator. She will report to Stephanie Frommer, Senior Director of Shelter Operations and Field Services.  Amee replaces Margaret Atkinson who accepted a position as Executive Director for a non-profit agency in Vermont in October of this year.

Amee brings experience in journalism, animal training, instructing, and social media to her new role. She has served as an MHS volunteer and works part-time as an MHS dog training instructor. In her new role, Amee will support MHS’s existing volunteers and develop new volunteers. Amee is excited to be given the chance to expand the volunteer programs at MHS. She knows that volunteers play a vital role in allowing MHS to fulfill its mission to foster a compassionate community by promoting and providing for the well-being of animals. For those of you who haven’t met Amee, she founded Monadnock Therapy Pets, the MHS program that supports Monadnock area residents interested in volunteering with their dogs. Since its inception in 2011, Monadnock Therapy Pets has grown to include over 25 registered and insured therapy dog teams who volunteer in many Monadnock Region facilities including Keene State College, Summerhill Assisted Living, and Cheshire Medical Center.   A journalist with over 20 years of experience, Amee has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers on subjects ranging from computers and technology to keeping your pet safe during the holidays. She is a certified professional dog trainer and has earned national recognition with her dogs for their performances in a variety of dog sports.Please join us in welcoming Amee as our new Volunteer Coordinator! To find out about volunteer opportunities at MHS, visit our volunteer page or contact Amee at ameea@humanecommunity, 603.352.9011, ext. 147.

The next Volunteer Orientation is scheduled on Saturday, January 10th from 10 am – 11:30 am. To attend, please contact Amee.