Special Senior Cat Adoption Event

By Laurie Phillips
Senior Cat Adoption Event - Running through to October 31st

Senior Cat Adoption Event – Running through to October 31st

From now through Oct. 31st, consider adopting a Senior Cat (cats that are 8 years or older). The adoption fee is only $25 for each cat. The fee includes spay or neuter, microchip, and any necessary vaccinations. In other words, just add love!

Top 10 Reasons why you should adopt a senior cat (from the PetFinder site):

  1. When senior cats are adopted, they seem to understand that they’ve been rescued, and are all the more thankful for it.
  2. A senior cat’s personality has already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good fit for your family.
  3. You can teach an old cat new tricks: Senior cats have the attention span and impulse control that makes them easier to train than their youthful counterparts.
  4. A senior cat may very well already know basic household etiquette (like not attacking your feet at night)!
  5. In particular, senior cats are often already litter trained and are less likely to “forget” where the box is.
  6. A senior cat won’t grow any larger, so you’ll know exactly how much cat you’re getting.
  7. Senior cats are often content to just relax in your company, unlike younger cats, who may get into mischief because they’re bored.
  8. Speaking of relaxing, senior cats make great napping buddies.
  9. Senior cats often know that scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching and toys (not hands or feet) are for biting.
  10.  Senior cats are some of the hardest to find homes for — so when you adopt a senior cat, you’re truly saving a life.