Time for our Explorer to retire…

By Laurie Phillips

Our old guy is retiring from many long years of great service to the animals and people of the Monadnock Region.

Do you have an SUV you want to trade in or sell?  MHS is looking for a low mileage 4WD/AWD vehicle to use in our field services work (rescue, neglect/abuse investigation, animal seizures)  — needs fairly high clearance (for all the fun class 4 roads we have here in the region) and AC/heat for the comfort of the animals (as well as our staff).  Our current vehicle has served us well for many years but is past the point of repair.  You could donate your used vehicle to us and get a tax write off! Maybe you know someone who has a vehicle like this – if you could spread the word we would really appreciate it!

If you are interested in either selling or donating your SUV, please call or email us as soon as possible. 603.352.9011, ext. 115 or ext. 111.   caroll@humanecommunity.org or michellet@humanecommunity.org.

Thank you!!