Try Agility with Your Dog! Spring Pre-Agility Classes are Open for Registration

By Laurie Phillips

Pre-agility  is a hands-on, paws-on introduction to the fun and exciting sport of Dog Agility. You do not need to aspire to become an agility competitor to enjoy this class. Is your dog a bit shy or lacking a bit of confidence? Agility is a fabulous way to build your dog’s confidence. You will teach your dog to jump, go through a tunnel, climb the A-Frame and other agility obstacles. Start learning basic handling and have fun!

This is an introduction to agility, all age humans are welcome. Open to dogs at least 6 months of age by the start date of class. We have a new session of Friday daytime agility classes open for registration! Pre-Agility (for all dogs and owners new to Agility) is at 10:00am. This class starts April 4th. Space is limited in this 6-week class. Hope you and your dog can come! for more information and to register – click here.