(603) 352-9011

Adoption Desk x 101

Boarding and Daycare x 105

Training Center x 206

Volunteer Desk x 147

Email: Adoption@humanecommunity.org

Administrative Offices

Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director, x 111

Kelly Brigham-Steiner, Development Director x115
Carol Laughner, Marketing Communications Manager,  603.924.2244
Joe James, Facilities Coordinator, x 219

Adoption and Learning Center

Emily Kerylow, Director of Operations,  x 203

Beth Doyle, Assistant Manager/Canine Coordinator, x 144
Ashley Okola, Assistant Manager/Feline Coordinator, x 213
Kerri O'Brian, HR Coordinator, x 147
Crystal Ford, Small Animals Lead/Senior Shelter Technician

Chris Tobin, Medical Assistant
Rachel Buckman, Shelter Technician

Mary Talbot, Shelter Technician
Dorothea Hasselman, Shelter Technician

Boarding & Daycare

Bethany King, Manager, Boarding and Daycare, x 105
Denisha Lawrence, Boarding and Daycare Assistant Manager
Debra Watson, Senior Boarding/Daycare Technician

Shannon Kerly, Boarding and Daycare Technician
Sarah Zompetti, Boarding and Daycare Technician

Nick Falcone, Boarding and Daycare Technician

Training Center

Rachel Brostrom, Training Center Manager and Trainer, x 206
Alice Sears, Training Center Administration, x 112

All our Trainers can be contacted by emailing to the following  address: training@humanecommunity.org

Amee Abel, CPDT-KA, Trainer- Core Classes, Rally, Freestyle, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog Prep
Ashley Lang, CPDT-KA,  Trainer- Core Classes, Tricks, Canine Good Citizen
Cindy Stewart, Trainer- Agility