(603) 352-9011

Adoption Desk x 101

Boarding and Daycare x 105

Training Center x 206

Volunteer Desk x 147

Email: Adoption@humanecommunity.org

Administrative Offices

Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director, x 111
Carol Laughner, Marketing Communications Manager,  603.924.2244
Lisa Beckwith, Administrative Associate, x 107
Danny Smith, Facilities Coordinator, x 219

Adoption and Learning Center

Emily Kerylow, Director of Operations,  x 203

Beth Doyle, Assistant Manager/Canine Coordinator, x 144
Ashley Okola, Assistant Manager/Feline Coordinator, x 213
Rebekah Ballou, Veterinary Technician
Anna Cook, Veterinary Assistant
Kerri O'Brian, Volunteer Coordinator, x 147
Crystal Ford, Small Animals Lead

Lindsey Ennis, Shelter Technician

Lexis Kitzmiller, Shelter Technician

Rachel Buckman, Shelter Technician

Starr Royce, Shelter Technician
Dorothea Hasselmann, Shelter Technician

Boarding & Daycare

Linda Thompson, Manager, Boarding and Daycare, x 105

Bethany King, Boarding and Daycare Assistant Manager
Debra Watson, Senior Boarding/Daycare Technician

Faith Santa Cruz, Boarding and Daycare Technician
Denisha Lawrence, Boarding and Daycare Technician

Kira Brunke, Boarding and Daycare Technician

Shannon Kerly, Boarding and Daycare Technician

Training Center

Rachel Brostrom, Training Center Manager and Trainer, x 206

Alice Sears, Training Center Administration, x 112

All our Trainers can be contacted by emailing to the following  address: training@humanecommunity.org

Amee Abel, CPDT-KA, Trainer- Core Classes, Rally, Freestyle, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog Prep
Duke Champney, CPDT-KA, Trainer- Core Classes, Canine Good Citizen
Diane Gibbons, KPA-CTP, Trainer- Agility
Ashley Lang, CPDT-KA,  Trainer- Core Classes, Tricks, Canine Good Citizen
Cindy Stewart, Trainer- Agility