Big Dog Draws Big Crowd to Reading Nook

By Abbey Schoenfeld
Reading Nook & Read to a Dog Collaborate

Big Dog Draws Big Crowd: MHS Therapy Dog Volunteers Collaborate With Monadnock United Way’s Reading Nook Program

Monadnock United Way’s Reading Nook program and MHS’ Read to a Dog share similar goals: provide positive early reading experiences to encourage a life-long love of reading. So, it made sense to add a Read to a Dog event to a Reading Nook’s schedule. And a big dog drew a big crowd to Harmony Lane’s Reading Nook in Keene.

Brig the Therapy Dog at Reading Nook in Keene
Click this photo to learn more about Impact Monadnock and their Reading Nook program.

MHS Therapy Dog Volunteer Lynn Baker knew her dog, Brig, would love this job. He’s a giant of a dog, a Leonberger who weighs in at 90+ pounds, who adores children. “He just knows who needs him,” says Lynn. He waits for the kids to come to him. It’s irresistible to compare him to the main character in the Clifford books. And he was exactly perfect to pioneer the Reading Nook/Read to a Dog connection.

Reading Nook’s Carrie Hoffman was so pleased with the initial dog event at the Harmony Lane, Keene, Reading Nook schedule she’s invited dog volunteers for every first and third Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.  Brig will be one of two or three dogs who will visit there regularly.  For more information about the Reading Nook program, find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ImpactMonadnock.

MHS Therapy Dog Volunteers

Therapy Dog Volunteers visit throughout the Monadnock region. Monadnock Therapy Pets is MHS’ support group that connects volunteers with facilities and programs that need pet visits. Our volunteers have trained and tested with their dogs.  Passing proves these animals have the right temperament and skills to participate in public programs. They also meet health and vaccination requirements, and grooming requirements. In other words, they are clean, healthy, and trained. Their Registration must be renewed each year to ensure that both handler and dog remain at their best. Monadnock Therapy Pets also helps people and their pets become therapy dogs. Find more information about Monadnock Therapy Pets on our website at https://monadnockhumanesociety.org/how-to-help/monadnock-therapy-pets/