Happy Tails

Maggie and Max – A Happy Tails Story

By Laurie Phillips


“I knew Maggie was a special cat from the moment that she was brought into the shelter. Coming in as a stray, she was not in the best condition. She was dirty, underweight, and possibly dehydrated. She came from Jaffrey with no information about possibly having any owners. Alone in her cage, Maggie showed no fear but confidence and a sweet disposition. She seemed thankful for the warmth, shelter, and food. After a few days of being in the shelter, the unexpected occurred.

During the daily cleaning of the cats, a staff member who opened Maggie’s cage found a little surprise.  There, amidst the blankets, a tiny, orange figure was wiggling next to Maggie. A single male kitten, still fresh and pink was suckling on Maggie who was looking so happy and proud.  We had no idea she was pregnant, and she was scheduled to be spayed that day!

Three weeks later, my family and I decided to foster Maggie and her kitten until he was weaned, and old enough to be neutered and go up for adoption. After the frightening car trip, they were safe and sound in my home. That night, Maggie’s kitten was forever named Max.

Max and Maggie stayed at my home for two months. During that time, we couldn’t help but admire Maggie’s attentiveness and affection towards Max. As for being the only kitten in the litter, let’s just say that he was pretty spoiled. After falling in love with the two cats, my family and I decided that we wanted to adopt Max.

It has been three months, and Max has been a wonderful and entertaining addition to the family of three other cats and a dog. He enjoys sneaking up and “attacking” everything that walks past him, and snuggling by the woodstove. He also loves mice toys and going after toes.

Maggie was brought back to the shelter, and was adopted the same week that she was made available. She is very happy and healthy with her new family!” — Kate