Performer & Dance Tricks; Canine Musical Freestyle

A woman holding a dog's paw.

Performer & Dance Tricks

Tricks Instruction and Practice with an eye towards creating Trick sequences for performance (whether for Musical Freestyle or Trick Dog Elite Performer or Public Stunt Dog acts.)


  • Learn advanced tricks such as back-up around, weave thru arms, jump over leg or through hoop, walking leg weaves, tricks at a distance from handler, and more.
  • Build your dog’s fluency in performance of these tricks.
  • Create Clear Cues for Tricks
  • Develop Sequences of Tricks that flow well

PreRequistes: Specialty Tricks or Permission of Instructor

Your dog will come to all classes. Bring plenty of soft training treats.

Dates & Rates

  • 6 weeks: $140

(Our) trainer was kind to doggies and owners…no matter how much or how little (our family) knew about dogs and training.

Thanks so very much for getting us started in a positive way.

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